Periodontitis refers to a condition in which there’s an inflammation in your gums. This usually happens due to presence of bacteria in your mouth. This is also the reason because of which periodontitis is often referred to as the ‘Gum disease’.

But that’s not adequate information. In fact, it just barely scratches the surface. Let dig a little deeper into the topic at hand:


Periodontal bacteria is the main reason for this disease. It’s always present in your mouth but it becomes dangerous only when it comes in contact with accumulated food particles.

The thing about this bacterium is that it multiplies over time and affects your body’s immune system as well. This results in inflammation in your gums.

You should immediately get in touch with dentists when you face this problem. Failure to address it will only make it worse. It might even affect your jawbone. Your teeth will also become loose and fall off! You sure don’t want that to happen!


In the initial stages, you might notice your gums bleeding every time you brush your teeth. Your gums might even start swelling and a layer of plaque will develop on your teeth. The layer will often be discolored. This condition is referred to as Gingivitis.

Over time, Gingivitis develops into Periodontitis. When this happens, you’ll notice certain signs like bleeding gums, an unpleasant odor coming from your mouth, recession of gums and pain.

The problem is that signs of Periodontitis are not always apparent. You might not even realize that you are suffering from this condition until it’s too late. This is especially true in the case of smokers.

Nicotine already causes excessive damage to your teeth, because of which it becomes harder for dentists to detect signs of Periodontal bacteria.


As stated earlier, periodontal bacteria creates a layer of plaque in your mouth. In the initial stages, this layer is soft and you can remove it by brushing your teeth thoroughly.

However, if you choose to ignore it, after some time additional minerals deposit on your teeth and result in the layer hardening. This may lead to an infection in your teeth.

It affects the attachment between your gums and roots and creates periodontal gaps. The bacteria colonizes in these gaps and results in the problem getting worse over time. This is why it’s essential that you regularly get your teeth checked.

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