Tooth reshaping or cosmetic contouring has developed recently as a new option for people wanting to have subtle dental corrections done. It is to improve the cosmetic look of their smile. At Route 14 Dentistry, Dr. Moon can take care of minor flaws like chipped teeth, jagged edges or malformed teeth. Call us today in Crystal Lake, Illinois if you want to know more about this option. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

When a person undergoes cosmetic contouring, our dentist will basically change the shape and look of your smile with the removal of small quantities of enamel. Enamel is the outer protective layer. Small and precise changes are made. Sometimes for the best results, we may suggest combining dental bonding with the contouring. It can be the case that contouring only needs one appointment to get a new and brighter smile.

When the shape, length, size or surface of the teeth or tooth needs some minor changes made just to be more pleasing to the eye, that is when cosmetic contouring is suggested. Example of these are;

  • A tooth that is more pointy than others and stands out

  • A tooth may overlap another

  • The surface of a tooth might not be smooth

  • A chipped tooth, or one that has a crack

  • Teeth next to each other that are of different lengths

  • A tooth that is not quite the right shape

  • A tooth that is larger than the others

When you want to make more subtle improvements, and wants a more affordable procedure, or one that can be performed quickly, we recommend tooth contouring. If you think this is the option for you come out to see us, or even just pick up the phone. We will happily discuss any of your needs with you.