Dental fillings are a procedure used to fix teeth which are damaged or have decay and have small issues like fractures or cracks. One appointment with Dr. Moon in Crystal Lake, Illinois and you can have decayed tooth removed, then cleaned and the filling put in. We use either composite or cosmetic fillings and they can be matched as close as possible with your healthy teeth. Should the look be a concern because the dental filling is at the front of the mouth, there are other aesthetic options our dentist can discuss with you. Make an appointment today if you require a filling.

Putting in a filling is minor restoration that is used when there is moderate or just minor damage to a tooth. We would give a recommendation of a filling when there has been decay that has caused a cavity for example. Other times it might be to repair a chip or small fracture. The filling material can restore the structure and former function of the tooth. It can also improve your smile! There are other options but the main two are composite fillings and amalgam ones.

The process is not a complicated one and just takes one appointment at our clinic. When you are settled our experienced dentist will remove damaged and decayed tooth, clean what is left thoroughly and then the filling is put in, shaped carefully and hardened. It will then last for a good period of time.

If you suspect or know you have some tooth damage or/and decay we can help you. With a filling, your oral function and health can be returned. Visit us or get in contact and we can get an appointment scheduled. We are happy to help you reach towards a better smile!