A dental sealant can be applied to the back teeth on the area that is chewed with to give it protection. It is a plastic material that can be clear or tooth-colored so that it blends in. This is part of the preventative care Dr. Moon can perform for his patients at the Crystal Lake, Illinois clinic. Please pick up your phone and call us at Route 14 Dentistry to learn about sealant or any other concern we can help you with.

Our experienced and caring dentist may suggest a dental sealant to better give your teeth protection. It is clear or colored like teeth and then is placed onto the top of your molars (the chewing teeth). It is a great way to stop food and small particles of bacteria from reaching the tooth thus it prevents decay and the problems decay can lead to like cavities. Your brushing actually becomes more effective too, because the surface of the teeth turns smooth instead of the natural pitted and grooved from before.

This is a measure mostly recommended for our younger patients. When the permanent molars are finished coming in, usually with children of 6 years - 12 years, the dentist may suggest the sealant be applied then. It is also used on adults who have been prone to some decay problems before and so need more protection for their teeth. The application of dental sealant is not an uncomfortable process and is done easily in one visit. It is a great way to protect your teeth and keep them healthy. Please call or come visit us today so we can talk about protecting your smile!