When there are missing teeth one option Dr. Moon here at Route 14 Dentistry might offer is dentures. This is an appliance that can be removed, made to replace ones that are missing. As well as having the function of the missing teeth, a denture will also maintain the frame of your teeth.

There are now two denture options, partial or complete. If you have lost all of your teeth you would need a complete set. When you are missing one or a few on an arch this would take a partial. A partial denture also has an important job of holding remaining teeth in place.

So the value of dentures include;

  • Replacing one or a few teeth

  • Replacing the whole set of teeth

  • Being able to remove it when wanted

  • Eating and speaking are returned to normal

  • A more attractive and healthier smile

  • Prevents remaining teeth from shifting

For any dentures or denture services around Crystal Lake, Illinois Dr. Moon is happy to help. We are also able to offer services for the repair of dentures. Come in with them, or make a phone call and we can provide information, make an appointment and help you however we can!