There are several specialized fields in dentistry and one of them is orthodontics. This is the fixing of teeth to make them straighter and therefore healthier and more attractive. At Route 14 Dentistry in Crystal Lake, Illinois we are happy to provide orthodontic care to patients who may have problems that include;

  • Gaps or large spaces

  • Teeth that are not aligned properly

  • Overcrowded teeth

  • Bite problems such as underbite, overbite, crossbite and open bite

Advances that have been achieved in orthodontics mean treatments can be done quicker now and with less discomfort. They are also more effective so it is now the best time to have your teeth all straightened out.

While most think of the more appealing look of straightened teeth, there is more. Orthodontic treatments can improve a patient's oral health as well as the function of the teeth. Studies have shown those with properly aligned teeth will be less of a risk from issues like decay or gum disease. Orthodontics can help improve your ability to bite, chew and even to speak better.

To hear more about the treatments we offer in orthodontics get in touch today. We will happily help you get a healthy and straight smile!