Maintaining the health of the whole mouth, gums, and teeth, is referred to as periodontal care. Dr. Moon at Route 14 Dentistry will work to help you keep your mouth healthy. If you need an appointment because you are experiencing discomfort or pain around the gums and you are at Crystal Lake, Illinois please call us.

Gum disease is also referred to as periodontal disease. It is mostly caused when too much plaque builds up, leading to degeneration caused by the bacteria in it. Gum tissues become inflamed as they are infected and if not cared for can lead gums to recede. When periodontal disease is left untreated it will lead eventually to damage like losing teeth, gum recession and loss of bone.

If you are concerned because your gums are bleeding easily, are inflamed, red and sensitive this could be a sign you have gum disease. There are more signs, common ones include discomfort or even pain when eating, halitosis, loosening teeth and gums receding causing your teeth to look longer. When you have an exam with us we will examine you to determine if this is the problem.

How our team treats you for periodontal disease varies on what your needs are. It can range in how serious the disease is. Part of what our dentist will suggest include regular dentist cleanings, a regime for care at home, root planing and scaling, surgery and antibiotics. We aim to help you with all your periodontal health needs. If you want to know more about this or anything else you are more than welcome to call us or come in person to our office.