Dental veneers are made and bonded to your teeth to improve the look of your smile. This is mostly for cosmetic reasons. The veneer is a very fine shell made usually from porcelain but can also be made from resin. It is bonded onto the front surface of the teeth or tooth. This is a procedure Dr. Moon here at Route 14 Dentistry has a lot of experience in. If you are looking for a bright and more confident smile and are in Crystal Lake, Illinois, make an appointment to talk with us.

When there are some small imperfections in the smile the dentist may discuss dental veneers with you as a solution. The great thing about porcelain veneers is that the translucence and color are an excellent match for tooth enamel so you get a lovely natural look. Of course, resin can be made to match your tooth color also. Porcelain is resistant to discoloration and stains too so you get a long and natural bright beautiful smile.

They can go on one tooth or more, or all of them. A number of small dental issues can also give you reason to want to use custom made porcelain veneers. These include;

  • Can help correct the look of teeth which are a bit crooked

  • Can close gaps and spaces between teeth

  • Help improve the look greatly of teeth which are discolored

  • Make an off shaped tooth appear more regular

  • Make teeth that are fractured or cracked, chipped or worn look better

 We encourage you to visit is or get in contact with us to talk more about what custom made dental veneers can do for your smile.