Problems with a tooth being overly sensitive to touch or hot and cold drink or food? Also in some pain? You might be having problems with an infection in that tooth's inner nerve. When infection or decay happens like this a dentist is most likely to discuss with you root canal therapy. The nasty thing about this dental issue is that there are not early stage symptoms. However, if you ignore the ones above you can end up in advanced stage decay where an abscess forms.

A patient with this kind of rooted infection really has two treatment options, to have the tooth removed or to save it via therapy. The reason dentists lean towards therapy is that pulling a tooth can actually cause more dental problems that will need fixing on either side of the tooth pulled. These can be painful themselves as well as costly. Therefore the more desirable option is root therapy. It can bring back the full function of your mouth and tooth. It will not lead to future issues with teeth next door.

Going the route of root therapy will also last a good number of years, even your whole life. At Route 14 Dentistry located at Crystal Lake, Illinois our dentist Dr. Moon can ensure any procedure you undergo is as comfortable as possible. The full function of your mouth and affected tooth can return. Reach out to us when you are ready and we can make an appointment for you.