About wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are called third molars and grow in when we are in our late teen years up to mid-twenties. Unfortunately, most often there is no room for them to grow correctly. This causes pain as they become misaligned, some might come in at different angles even. Wisdom teeth that are badly aligned can damage other teeth nearby as well as your jawbone and nerves. There are sometimes cases of them being impacted too which is when they get stuck between your gums and your jawbone. This means in a lot of patients wisdom teeth have to be pulled out.

Knowing when they are to be pulled

When you visit us in Crystal Lake, Illinois you can talk with Dr. Moon about how the wisdom teeth are positioned. He and his team will take an x-ray to check on their alignment. If possible issues in the future are predicted or you are in discomfort he will talk about extraction. Ignored, it could turn into something even more painful and complicated. When you are a younger adult extraction is less difficult This is because the bone density is less and the root has not properly developed yet. In older adults, the recovery time does take a bit longer.

We welcome a call from you or a visit here at Route 14 Dentistry if you are having problems with your wisdom teeth. Let us help you today!